12/15/17: New tools to help you manage your team’s PTO!


Calculate PTO balances in the past, present, and future:

With Justworks’ new PTO calculator, you can easily check an employee’s past or future PTO balance right from their employee profile. Paying out remaining PTO balances at the end of the year? Is an employee curious to know what their future balance will be? The calculator can help.

Ooooo… I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

PTO balance breakdowns:

For each balance, you can also view a breakdown of how the balance was calculated. We hope this helps clear up any confusion you or your employees might have around their PTO. With balance breakdowns, you can avoid any extra confusion you or your employees might have about their balance.

Finally! Numbers make sense to me.

Add or remove PTO policies faster:

We’ve made it faster to add or remove employees from a PTO policy. Instead of editing your PTO policy, you can now add or remove a policy right from an employee’s profile.


Go green, opt-in to a paperless W-2:
While we’ve always offered both digital and paper W-2s, you can now opt-out of receiving the paper version of your W2. Save a few trees and opt-in to a paperless W-2.


It’s almost the end of 2017! Don’t forget that several items on Justworks’ end of year checklist are due today and that the final payroll of the year will run next week. Have any looming questions or not sure if you’re ready? Watch our webinar on YouTube.

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