11/3/17:We’re a certified PEO, which means you get certified advantages, plus new termination reasons and more.


CPEO advantages and requirements

In June, Justworks became a certified PEO (CPEO). Our new status has several potential benefits for your company, including:

  • Get Tax Credits. CPEO customers remain entitled to various employment- and payroll tax-based federal tax credits, such as the newly available R&D payroll tax credit.
  • No Federal Payroll Tax Liability. This one might help you sleep better at night. Justworks has sole liability for federal payroll taxes on wages that are processed on our platform. That means if there is a failure to pay federal payroll taxes, Justworks takes responsibility rather than you, the employer.
  • No Wage Base Restart. CPEO customers are not required to restart federal payroll tax wage bases when joining or leaving a CPEO in the middle of a calendar tax year. Less work for you, we’ve got this.

Sounds great, what are my next steps?

Now companies need to sign an 8973 form from the IRS and agree to Justworks’ updated CSA in order to be a CPEO customer (or really a customer of Justworks). But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you! Starting Monday, 11/6, we’re launching a helpful explainer in the app that walks you through the forms you need to sign:


Termination tracking

A new beginning for terminations! We’ve created a new feature called Termination Reasons that allows us to handle your unemployment claims with minimal follow-up. It also lets you keep track of employee turnover for both voluntary and involuntary termination.

Direct Reports Refresh

We’ve moved Direct reports on the Members’ View from the Job Info tab to it’s own tab, to make it quicker and easier to find.

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