4/12/18: Work History, Work IDs and EEO-1 Data are live!

Work History:

Work History provides you with an easy-to-access, holistic timeline for each of your employees and contractors. Whether it’s a change to your team member’s title, department, manager, or pay rate — you can now see their key milestones all in one place.

Alongside current data in each Justworks Member Profile, Work History complements the recent launch of Custom Fields and Notes to further equip you with a rich overview of your team’s career development and performance over time in one easy-to-access place.

Admins and managers with “view all employee info” can view histories for their direct and indirect reports. If you have access to “manage employees” permission, you can also can edit and view work history.

To see the Work History simply click your Manage Employees on the left navigation bar and click into a member’s profile. The view is available under Job Reports.

Work IDs:

Work IDs are a unique ID within the Justworks platform that are assigned to every employee or contractor at a company. Work IDs can help you keep critical information about various teams organized and secure. With Work IDs, you can easily link employees’ information across systems or reports without relying on sensitive information like social security numbers. Work IDs can be found in each member profile and in all reports. Work IDs are editable, so if you already have an ID system, you can change Work IDs to match your existing system

All admins with “manage employees” permissions can view and edit Work IDs. Any admins with “view all employee info” and “view basic employee info” permissions can view Work IDs.

EEO-1 Data: Now available, editable, and exportable!

Admins can now view and update EEO-1 data within employee profiles, and export their team’s EEO-1 data using the Census report.

All admins with the permissions to “manage employees” can add/view/edit EEO-1 data and admins with “view all employee info” can view EEO-1 data.

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